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Awards and Recognitions

2015-2016 Awards

Outstanding Major, B.S. -- Amanda Shellhorn

Outstanding Major, B.A. -- Rachel Mills-Coyne

Awarded to an upper-division major who demonstrates high quality performance in classes, in their undergraduate research project, and in some type of service to the department, University, or community.

Outstanding Academic Achievement -- Anthony Mistretta (B.S.) and Stephanie Swanson (B.A.)

Awarded to a junior or senior major with an exceptional C.S.U.F. G.P.A. The number of units completed in Geology and the related fields will be factored into the decision.

Candice L. Jones Outstanding Service -- Jazmine Titular

Given to the student who has made a significant contribution to the mission, operation and/or well being of the Department community. Examples of service include, but are not limited to, taking a leadership role in Geology Club activities; serving as a T.A., tutor, or volunteer in GEOL classes; selflessly assisting others in meeting their educational, research or outreach objectives. Efforts above and beyond any employment or course credit obligations are given greater weight, and a positive attitude is required.

John D. Cooper Field Camp -- Megan Murphy

Awarded to a declared Geological Sciences Major with outstanding performance in GEOL 481A-Geology Field Camp. Selected by field camp instructor with approval of all full-time geology faculty.

Marilyn A. Brown Scholarship -- Gabe Santos

Awarded to a graduate student conducting research in the general areas of paleontology or stratigraphy, and having an expressed or demonstrated interest in teaching or educational outreach.

Dr. Margaret Skillman Woyski Scholarship -- Evelyn Gutierrez

Open to declared geology major with 2.5 G.P.A. or better for the previous academic year. Awarded annually to a student who shows financial need and outstanding academic achievement. Service to the department or the university is also required, i.e., involvement in the geology club, tutoring or participation in faculty directed research. The award will be made on the recommendation of the entire full-time faculty of the department.

Prem K. Saint Hydrology -- Lisa Battig

Award for Geological Sciences or Environmental Studies (with Environmental Sciences emphasis) major with a G.P.A. of 3.0 or better for the previous academic year. Recipient must show an outstanding academic performance in course work and/or research in Hydrology, Hydrogeology or Water Quality. Award based on the recommendation of the geology full-time faculty.

Department of Geological Sciences Field Camp Scholarship -- Emma Griffie

Open to declared geology and earth science majors that will be enrolled in GEOL 481A - Field Camp, in the upcoming summer. Awarded to a student who shows financial need, outstanding academic achievement (2.5 G.P.A. or better for the previous academic year), and quality of written statements. This scholarship is given through the generosity of the alumni and friends of the department. Recipient to be selected by faculty of the department.

David L. Willoughby Scholarship -- Isaac Magallanes

Awarded to undergraduate students who are studying geology or paleontology, or who are participating in course-related fieldwork. Minimum G.P.A. of 2.5 or higher in geological sciences.

Previous Awardees follow below.

Outstanding Major Award Earth Science B.A.
2015-2016 Rachel Mills-Coyne
2014-2015 Stephanie Nguyen
2013-2014 Priyankaa Cid
Outstanding Major Award Geological Sciences B.S.
2015-2016 Amanda Shellhorn
2014-2015 Kalie Duccini and Michael Wahl
2013-2014 Daniel Philo
2012-2013 Natalie Hollis
2011-2012 Adam Piestrzeniewicz
2010-2011 Colin M. Campbell
2009-2010 Michael G. Prior
2008-2009 Kassandra Sendziak
2007-2008 Jeannette C. Arkle
2006-2007 Scott A. Mata
2005-2006 Michelle L. Mary
2004-2005 Katherine F. Whitlow
2003-2004 Daniel M. Sturmner
Julia M. Clark
2002-2003 Michelle D. Slopko
2001-2002 Daniel M. Loera
Dolores A. van der Holk
2000-2001 Darren L. Tollstrup
1999-2000 Reina L. Foxx
1998-1999 Rebecca E. Smith
1997-1998 Terry G. Young
1996-1997 Peggy S. Brown
1995-1996 M. Lynne Gossett
Bernard H. Yost
1994-1995 Sean G. McManus
1993-1994 Christine M. Baretta
Thomas R. Devine
1992-1993 Scott R. Traub
1991-1992 Mark R. Milligan
1990-1991 Suzan Sklaroff Van Hook
1989-1990 Claude E. Denver
Robert A. Lopez
1988-1989 Joyce T. Spizzirri
Anthony Marino
1987-1988 Robert D. Loeffler
1986-1987 Jeffrey D. Bennett
Michael A. Hettinga
1985-1986 Greg D Woodside
1984-1985 Bernie J. Delzer
1983-1984 Angela H. Wright
1982-1983 Kay N. Cheek
Outstanding Academic Achievement Award
2015-2016 Anthony Mistretta (B.S.) and Stephanie Swanson (B.A.)
2014-2015 Emma Griffie (B.S.) and Natalie Law (B.A.)
2013-2014 Kalie Duccini
2012-2013 Sara Baldwin
2011-2012 Alec Dotzer
2010-2011 Christine A. Hiner
2009-2010 Jennifer M. Tarnowski
2008-2009 Jade Brush
2007-2008 John C. Velarde
2006-2007 Lauren Mirallegro De Rivera
2005-2006 Scott A. Mata
2004-2005 Michelle L. Mary
2003-2004 Denna L. Hoppe
Michael A. Blazevic
2002-2003 Denna L. Hoppe
Daniel M. Sturmer
2001-2002 Julia M. Clark
2000-2001 Aron R. Taylor
1999-2000 Aron R. Taylor
1998-1999 Rebecca E. Smith
1997-1998 Jennifer L. Canfield
1996-1997 Catherine E. Lash
1995-1996 De Ann A. Jcenogle
1994-1995 Jerusha M. Dahm
1993-1994 Connie G. Baranowski
1992-1993 Wade R. Cooksey
Candice L. Jones Outstanding Service Award
2015-2016 Jazmine Titular
2014-2015 Anthony Macias
2013-2014 Kelly Shaw
2012-2013 Zachary Haygood
2011-2012 Lillian Rubi and Natalie Hollis
2010-2011 Sean M. Hartman
2009-2010 Sean K. Keffer and David M. Carpenter
2008-2009 Allison Cone
2007-2008 Shauna M. Nielsen
2006-2007 Jennifer R. Schmidt
2005-2006 Harmony D. Colella
2004-2005 Brain T. David
2003-2004 Timothy R. Smith
2002-2003 Steven L. Turner
2001-2002 Susan C. Titus
2000-2001 Rene A. Perez
1999-2000 Robert R. Perez
Pete Saputo
1998-1999 Megan A. Stanton
1997-1998 Pauline Beigijanian
Matthew H. Zimmerman
1996-1997 Terri J. Young
1995-1996 Peggy S. Brown
1994-1995 Timothy D. Tavernelli
1993-1994 Brenda D. Nelson
1992-1993 Janice L. Hernandez
1991-1992 H. Scott Shuford
John D. Cooper Field Camp Award
2015-2016 Megan Murphy
2014-2015 Christopher Johnson
2013-2014 Sara Baldwin
2012-2013 Natalie Hollis and Adam Piestrzeniewicz
2011-2012 Greg Shagam
2010-2011 Benjamin T. Lewis
2009-2010 Jennifer M. McCoy
2008-2009 Jeanette Arkle
2007-2008 Jennifer R. Schmidt
2006-2007 Scott A. Mata
2005-2006 Markella D. Hoffman
2004-2005 Margie B. DeRose
2003-2004 Julia M. Clark
2002-2003 Steven L. Turner
Dr. Margaret Skillman Woyski Scholarship Award
2015-2016 Evelyn Gutierrez
2014-2015 Michelle Barboza
2013-2014 Elizabeth White
2012-2013 Priyankaa Cid
2011-2012 Natalie Hollis
2010-2011 Alec S. Dotzer
2009-2010 Colin M. Campbell
2008-2009 Benjamin Lewis
2007-2008 Kassandra L. Sendziak
2006-2007 Jeanette Arkle and Christa Wolfe
2005-2006 Jennifer R. Schmidt
2004-2005 Harmony D. Colella
2003-2004 Katherine F. Whitlow
2002-2003 Karen L. Morrison
2001-2002 Margie B. DeRose
2000-2001 Dolores A. van der Holk
1999-2000 Angela M. Schultz
1998-1999 Renia L. Foxx
1997-1998 Megan A. Snyder
1996-1997 Jeri J. Young
1995-1996 Christine E. Lash
1994-1995 Peggy S. Brown
1993-1994 Jerusha M. Dahm
1992-1993 Christine M. Baretta
1991-1992 Dana H. Vallez
1990-1991 Natasha P. Umriger
Prem K. Saint Hydrology Award
2015-2016 Lisa Battig
2014-2015 Randall Morlan
2013-2014 Emily Vavricka
2012-2013 Erik Cadaret
2011-2012 Heidi Sickler
2010-2011 Erik M. Cadaret
2009-2010 Shelby R. Barker
2007-2008 John C. Velarde
2006-2007 Veva Ebbs
2005-2006 Steve A. Williams
2004-2005 Machael A. Blazevic
2003-2004 Otto F. Figueroa
2002-2003 Matthew J. Blinstrub
Marilyn A. Brown Scholarship
2015-2016 Gabe Santos
2014-2015 Peter Kloess
2013-2014 William Pilesky
2012-2013 Kelly Kathe Vreeland
2011-2012 Christopher Buchen
2010-2011 Pedro M. Monarrez
2009-2010 Anna L. Garcia
2008-2009 Meredith Staley
2006-2007 Karen Anderson
2005-2006 Marsha Foronterhouse Shon
2004-2005 Broxton W. Bird
David L. Willoughby Scholarship
2015-2016 Isaac Magallanes
2014-2015 Christopher Hugh
2013-2014 Mihai Agiu
2012-2013 Joseph Hawkins
2011-2012 Coral Shaw and Erik Cadaret
Department of Geological Sciences Field Camp Scholarship
2015-2016 Emma Griffie
2014-2015 Sara Burchill
Richard Chambers Memorial Scholarship
by the Northern California Geological Society
2011-2012 Michelle Gevedon
Jonathon O. Davis Scholarship in the Quaternary Sciences
by the Desert Research Institute
2011-2012 Aaron Katona
Groundwater Resources Association Award
2007-2008 Peggy S. Brown and Dale R. Dailey
California Federation of Mineralogy Scholarship
2008-2009 Shayda Nikjoo
N.A.G.T. Field Study Scholarship
2008-2009 Hannah McDermitt and Kassandra Sendziak
National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation Scholarship
2010-2011 Erik M. Cadaret
G.R.A. Scholastic Fund Program
2010-2011 Erik M. Cadaret